Welcome to the Partner San Francisco Seismic Blog

Welcome!  Partner Engineering & Science (Partner) is excited to introduce this blog focusing on earthquakes and seismic risk issues in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Partner is a full service, national real estate due diligence and design engineering firm with our structural engineering practice headquartered in San Francisco and is directed by Joshua Marrow, P.E.  Joshua has over 16 years of experience in earthquake engineering and seismic risk assessments.  Our structural engineering clients include but are not limited to building owners, lenders, insurance companies, real estate finance brokers, borrowers, institutional investors, developers, architects and contractors.

Our engineering teams assess thousands of properties for physical condition and seismic risk every year, throughout the seismically active regions of the United States.  This blog is an outlet for our teams to share their knowledge and guidance of all things related to seismic risk and the challenges of living and doing business in earthquake country.  The topics can be broad, but with a specific focus on building construction and seismic risk in Northern California, with a particular focus on the San Francisco metro region.

Our contributors will provide industry insight and share noteworthy topics for discussion.  We invite participation from our readers and are available to discuss these topics over the phone or in person.  Of particular interest as of the date we started this blog is the San Francisco Soft Story Retrofit Ordinance.  Our engineers will provide  fundamental guidance for building owners and lenders to successfully navigate this new law.

We recently presented a one hour webinar on soft-story buildings, just prior to the adoption of this Ordinance into law.  We invite you to view it and contact us with any questions:

Partner Webinar: Seismic Soft Story San Francisco Ordinance


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