• “The Warehouse Boom”

    (From Llenrock’s CRE Blog)

    A few hundred square feet isn’t what it used to be. These days, it’s worth more.

    As CoStar Group’s Mark Heschmeyer reported last Wednesday, online retail’s ever-growing presence in the national economy isn’t simply replacing the demand for retail space with an equal demand for warehouse or distri…[Read more]

  • “Top 10 Worst Cities for Job Seekers”

    I recently came across this list on IBtimes.com. Here are the 10 worst places in the U.S. for job seekers:

    (Based on the number of unemployed people per posted job)

    10. Orlando, FL (2.11)

    9. St. Louis, MO (2.33)

    8. Rochester, NY (2.31)

    7. Memphis, TN (2.33)

    6. Sacramento, CA (2.70)

    5. Detroit, MI…[Read more]

  • “The College Bubble”

    For decades, we’ve seen America’s higher education system expand into a huge economic force, bolstered by state and private funding and ever-increasing student tuition. Despite its often-ambiguous relationships to both the public and private sectors, higher education has emerged as a powerful (quasi-)business in cities thr…[Read more]