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Environmental Professionals as Required by ASTM E1527 (3 Comments)

Entry by JoeDerhake Entry There has been much discussion about the creation of a national environmental professional registration system and having a new ASTM Standard to require that a ‘Registered’ Environmental Professional conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). I support such a requirement, as Environmental Professionals too often have to compete with either non-professionals or... Read More »

TCE by Another Name would Smell as Putrid

Entry by JoeDerhake Entry When doing a Phase I ESA, we all know that significant on site use of TCE, PCE, or vinyl chloride amount to a recognized environmental condition. But will we recognize these chemicals if they are called by an obscure brand name? For example, Petzinol is a branded solvent that contains a lot of TCE and this may slip by a field inspector. Beware of the following common name... Read More »

SBA Reports

Entry by: Gary Reynolds So what report do you need for your 504 or 7a loan?  This depends on the current and past businesses that occupied your property.  SBA has created a NAICS codes list of “Environmentally Sensitive Industries”.  The type and depth of an environmental investigation to be performed varies with the risks of contamination.  The higher the risk for contamination, the more in-depth... Read More »

The Misunderstood User Questionnaire

There are many adjectives that you can use to describe the User Questionnaire established by AAI…..under -appreciated, neglected, forgotten, and misunderstood to name a few.   How did six little questions manage to become so dreaded? Some clients have made it a policy not to fill out this questionnaire and other clients require a dissertation on the purpose of the questionnaire before they w... Read More »

Are Gas Stations Taboo for lenders

My previous experience with gas stations comes from a regulatory standpoint where the focus for evaluating the USTs was compliance. Currently, as an environmental professional, the evaluation of a gas station for a lender, involves more than just compliance when performing a Phase I ESA on gas station. The Energy Act of 2005 required that all USTs not inspected since 1998 to be inspected by August... Read More »

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