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Does the Size of a Property Matter When It Comes to Doing Due Diligence?

Does size matter? I often hear from clients that they aren’t concerned about the potential environmental liability for properties that are particularly small. The problem is, that in the instance of liability on a property that is contaminated, it doesn’t matter whether a property is 0.5 acre by 10 feet or several acres. Contamination clean up cost is based on the amount of contaminati... Read More »

Pre-Lease Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) practice most commonly focuses on pre-loan and pre-acquisition due diligence, but pre-lease Phase I ESAs are common enough.    In this blog I seek to highlight the value equation for pre-please Phase I ESAs as well as give users the tools to decide what, if any, environmental due diligence should be done before entering into a commercial real estate ... Read More »

EDR ScoreKeeper – 2011 Trends in Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

I noticed in EDR ScoreKeeper’s Q1 2011 and Q2 2011 report that big consulting firms are growing at a larger rate than small firms.  Apparently lenders and real estate investors are increasingly choosing larger firms for their Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.   I spoke with two national lenders who said that they were trying to narrow their list and cutting the mom and pops in favor of large... Read More »

Environmental Due Diligence for Loan Work Outs

For lenders, conducting the appropriate level of pre-foreclosure environmental due diligence is crucial to managing the risk of lender-owned real estate portfolios.  Though the economy is on a tenuous path to recovery, commercial real estate foreclosures persist.  Lenders may be dealing with foreclosure backlogs for years to come. Partner’s Amy Rudegeair co-authored an award-winning article advisi... Read More »

New Video on Phase I ESAs!

Video on Phase I ESAs. Read More »

EEL on a Vapor Encroachment Condition (VEC)

Expected Environmental Loss (EEL) on a Vapor Encroachment Condition (VEC)? Expected Environmental Loss is a term I coined and introduced on my previous blog post.   EEL is essentially the mean or expected loss that an owner will experience if they own a given asset with an associated recognized environmental condition (or Vapor Encroachment Condition, VEC).    The term is mathematically patterned ... Read More »

Fannie Mae Form 4262

Fannie Mae has come out with an update to Form 4262.  Some of the changes that are now included is a seperate worksheet to “Insert Brochures or Documents.” To view the the worksheet go to Partner Engineering and Science’s Fannie Mae page. Read More »

Understanding SBA SOP 5010 5 (C)

Since the latest revision to SBA’s SOP 5010 5 (C), that came out in October 2010, I have been asked some reoccurring questions in regards to the Environmental Requirements on 504 and 7a loans. One of those reoccurring questions is when there is a NAICS Codes match does it mean that I will have to have a Phase I AAI Compliant ESA?  The answer to this is a definitive YES, and NO! Take a look at SOP ... Read More »

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments: Historical Recognized Conditions (HRECS)

HRECs in Phase I ESAs Read More »

Quality Control / Quality Assurance – Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I ESA QA/QC - how/when do things slip through the cracks? Read More »

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