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ASTM E2600-10 Vapor Encroachment standard – Discussion at Recent EBA

ASTM E2600-10 Standard for Vapor Encroachment and its implications for the Phase I ESA process. Read More »

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – SBA

You’ve been told you need to have a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and now may be looking for answers to the questions: Why you need one Where you get them How much they cost How long do they take Will it meet the Small Business Administration (SBA) environmental requirements . When ordering a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) you want to make sure that: It is AAI (All Appro... Read More »

Environmental Due Diligence: Phase I ESAs and Other Options

If you are buying a commercial property, you need to do environmental due diligence.  The gold standard for due diligence is the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.   The Phase I ESA is basically a research project into the properties current and past use and how these uses could potentially affect the environment.   As a buyer, you want to make sure that you don’t get stuck cleaning up someone... Read More »

Seismic Damageability Reports

Seismic Damageability Reports and Probable Maximum Loss Reports are terms that are used interchangeably in the engineering due diligence field. In both instances, engineers are engaged to quantify the amount of seismic risk associated with a building. Most engineers prepare reports according to ASTM E 2026-2007 guidelines.   While Probable Maximum Loss (PML) is by far the more commonly used term i... Read More »

Property Condition Report, What is Included?

Property Condition Report What is included in a Property Condition Report (PCR)? The short answer is that the Property Condition Report evaluates all improvements.    Most Property Condition Reports done for lenders are done within the scope and limitation of the ASTM Standard E2018.  My firm, Partner Engineering and Science, typically defines the scope as follows: Conduct a thorough walk-thru ins... Read More »

Selection of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Vendor In North Carolina

When ordering a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in North Carolina, careful consideration should be given the credentials of the firm and their experience with similar property types. Partner Engineering and Science has been involved in more than 5,000 environmental site assessments in North Carolina covering a wide range of property types. Read More »

Environmental Professionals as Required by ASTM E1527 (3 Comments)

Entry by JoeDerhake Entry There has been much discussion about the creation of a national environmental professional registration system and having a new ASTM Standard to require that a ‘Registered’ Environmental Professional conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). I support such a requirement, as Environmental Professionals too often have to compete with either non-professionals or... Read More »

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