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Environmental Due Diligence

Cliff Notes on the Winter EBA 2014

Entry by JoeDerhake The winter Environmental Bankers Association (EBA) meeting just concluded in Orlando, Florida.   The EBA is celebrating its 20th year as an organization.  Thank you to Jeff and Tacy Telego for running this business for 20 years! A few highlights from the meeting: Bank Regulators and Environmental:  The new OCC Commercial Real Estate Lending (CREL) Regulators... Read More »

Regulators will take a harder look at environmental policy in 2014

Entry by JoeDerhake Entry The OCC’s new Commercial Real Estate Lending Booklet, which contains guidelines for commercial real estate loan concentrations and sound risk management practices for banks, is now well and truly in effect. The document was released on August 20, 2013 to replace a booklet published in 1995. This was the first time in more than 18 years that the guidelines were updated to ... Read More »

Guiding Property Managers through Environmental Issues

Guiding Property Managers through Environmental Issues Property Managers are an indispensable part of the real estate industry.  They are the “eye on” people dealing with everything from tenant relations to trash disposal, and are the early warning in keeping the property in good order. Today, they are usually third party entities who contract with the owner or asset manager. In the late ‘80s and ... Read More »

Hire Veterans for Careers in Environmental Science

Entry by JoeDerhake Entry As the Phase I Environmental Assessment continues to bounce back after the recession, we are all looking for staff.  Three years ago no one was hiring Environmental Professionals.   Now we’re seeing a hole in our pipeline of talent.   At the same time, we have a large number of veterans returning from two wars.   We have set out to hire veter... Read More »

Digging a little deeper into ASTM 1527-13

For the first time since 2005, the ASTM E1527 standard has been revised: the 30-day public comment period closed on September 16, 2013; ASTM E1527-13 was approved in November; and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that the standard complies with the agency’s All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) rule.  So what now? Now that ASTM E1527-13 is approved, the EPA must proceed with full rule-... Read More »

A quick comparison of the old and new ASTM E1527 standards

The primary goal for a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is to identify recognized environmental conditions (REC) on a parcel of real estate within the scope of Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). This is only one requirement to satisfy the Landowner Liability Protections (LLPs); however, it will also present information in order to evaluate the... Read More »

A Quick Guide to Ordering an ALTA Survey

An ALTA Land Title Survey can be thought of as a pictorial representation of the title commitment or preliminary title report of the subject property. In essence, it’s a combination of a boundary survey, location survey, and title survey, showing improvements and encumbrances. The ALTA survey is an essential tool for all parties involved in a real estate transaction or development, which is used t... Read More »

Partner Alert: ASTM Publishes Phase I ESA Standard

The long anticipated update to ASTM’s Phase I Environmental Site Assessment standard has finally been published.  ASTM E1527-13 will take effect immediately and will replace the E1527-05 standard as the industry best practice for Phase I ESAs. The changes do not significantly alter the Phase I ESA report or process, but there are a few key changes you should be aware of.  Click here for more infor... Read More »

Going beyond ASTM – Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

When and how certain investors go beyond ASTM because they require more intense investigation based on their risk profile. Read More »

How is the Government Shutdown Affecting Environmental Due Diligence? (1 Comment)

Entry by JoeDerhake Entry With the House preparing for a vote tonight, I think I speak on behalf of the entire due diligence industry when I say I hope the Government reopens soon! As we all know, environmental due diligence requires review of data, historical records and other files obtained from a range of government agencies, archives and databases.  With many of these agencies closed due ... Read More »

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