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Construction Progress Monitoring

Construction Progress Monitoring can save a lender and a borrower money, especially when instituted on the front end of a construction project.  It is in some cases required by the lender.  When lending money to borrowers for purposes of construction, lenders don’t write the borrower a check for the entire amount up front.  The money is disbursed to the borrower as the construction project progres... Read More »

National versus Local Consulting Firms

Having worked as an independent contractor, and as staff for local, regional, national and international environmental and engineering consulting firms, I’ve come to understand the benefits provided at each level.  Some clients prefer working with smaller, local consulting firms over large national firms. Perhaps they cite that independent contractors or local consulting firms have more local know... Read More »

PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show

Wireless Infrastructure Industry Booming - Good News For Environmental Consultants Read More »

The Importance of Erosion Control Inspections During Collateral Analysis

In order to quantify potential liabilities, it is important to make sure that erosion/stormwater inspections are completed as part of the collateral analysis process. Read More »

Erosion Control for Construction Sites

When a construction project stops or delays, the developer and/or the lender is wise to take proactive steps to prevent erosion.   Once a site is cleared, graded, or any earthwork is completed, the site is more susceptible to erosion.  A pro active approach to maintaining the site and grading conditions is necessary to prevent added expense in the form of re-grading, corrective action or in some c... Read More »

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