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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment and Erosion Control

One of the many unfortunate effects of the burst in the housing bubble is an overabundance of partially completed subdivisions and erosion control issues due to lack of maintenance.  In many cases, these subdivisions have been graded and have been left void of any vegetation.  In some cases, they have been partially developed with a brand new landscaped residence abutting a vacant lot with erosion... Read More »

No substitute for experience when it comes to HUD Project Capital Needs Assessments

Due to market conditions, the last few years have seen an increase in HUD/FHA loans.  In turn, the need for HUD due diligence reports has increased.  Consultants who have specialized in this area in the past have a backlog of work for several weeks, and in some cases, months.  As the law of supply and demand would dictate, consultants who had avoided HUD work in the past (very good consultants) ar... Read More »

Erosion Control for Construction Sites

When a construction project stops or delays, the developer and/or the lender is wise to take proactive steps to prevent erosion.   Once a site is cleared, graded, or any earthwork is completed, the site is more susceptible to erosion.  A pro active approach to maintaining the site and grading conditions is necessary to prevent added expense in the form of re-grading, corrective action or in some c... Read More »